Getting started


1. How do I log in?

  1. Wait until the client connects to the server and asks you to log-in.
  2. Choose your institution. If you were invited to the FAUbox as an external person, choose Guests.
  3. Internal users must login with their IdM-username & password. External users must use the username they were provided in the invitation e-mail in combination with the password they set up upon receiving the invitation (you can find a more detailed guide for external users here).

Once the Client is installed on your device, the FAUbox-Basefolder called “FAUbox” will appear in your hard drive. Every folder and file, which is located in this basefolder, will be henceforward shown in and synchronized by the client (the Basefolder itself will not be shown or listed in the client).

You will find a detailed instruction showing you how to create folders and add files in the client by clicking on here.


2. What do I do now?

There are three ways to interact with FAUbox installation on your computer:

2.1 The FAUbox Basefolder

As already mentioned above the FAUbox creates a folder for you on your hard drive called “FAUbox” when you start the client for the first time. This Basefolder is like any other folder on your hard drive, however the FAUbox-Client will automatically detect if you create a new folder or add files in it.

Whenever you move a file to one of these folders located in the FAUbox-Basefolder and therefore managed by your FAUbox-client, it will also appear on the web and on your other devices. No need for manual copying or uploading anymore, the FAUbox takes care of everything for you!

Now if you’re wondering how to check the status of the folders you have created in your FAUbox folders, just continue reading the next section.

2.2 The FAUbox Desktop Client

Once started, the Desktop Client will show you the overall status of your files and folders.

  • The circle with the checkmark means FAUbox is fully synced.
  • The circle with the rotation means FAUbox  is currently syncing.
  • The circle with the hourglass means FAUbox is waiting to sync your folders, for example when the client waits for a connection to the web.
  • The circle with with the exclamation mark means FAUbox is requiring your attention. Common reasons are that you are not logged in yet, your hard drive is full or your storage quota is exceeded.
  • The circle with the two bars means FAUbox has been paused.

Not only you can see the overall status of all your folders here, but also a list of all folders managed by the FAUbox.


2.3 The FAUbox System Tray/Menu Bar Icon

The FAUbox system tray or menu bar is where you can check the current status of the synchronization. The same status icons which you can see in the desktop client are displayed in the system tray as well, so you can check the status without opening the client.

When you right-click the system tray or menu bar icon, you have a menu, where you can

  • open the desktop client (Open)
  • minimize the client without exiting (Minimize)
  • go to your folders on the FAUbox website (Web)
  • go to your FAUbox folders on the hard drive (Explore)
  • stop all sync-processes (Pause)
  • see the latest changes (Recent Changes)
  • change preferences (Preferences)
  • set desktop client to finish syncing and to shut down automatically (Sync & Shutdown)
  • set desktop client to finish syncing and to exit automatically (Sync & Exit)
  • simply exit the desktop client (Exit)

The system tray/ menu bar shows you whether the FAUbox-Client is for example already active and synchronizing your data (circle with the checkmark). If none of the menu bar icons mentioned above is shown in the system tray, then the client is currently not used and therefore not synchronizing any folders. In this case you need to start the client so it can begin the synchronization process.

In order to open a minimized client which is already active you have to right-click on the FAUbox menu bar icon in the system tray and select Open. By clicking on the FAUbox-Desktop-Shortcut even though the client is already active, an additional client would be opened instead of the one already active.


Check your system tray regularly to make sure you are only using a single client.
Using more than one client simultaneously could cause problems (such as synchronization problems) and trouble you while working.


In this case more than one client is opened at the same time you have to right-click on each FAUbox menu bar icon and select Exit until only one of them is left. This single one should then show a circle with a checkmark and the FAUbox should be able to successfully synchronize again.