Installing on Windows

This guide describes how to install FAUbox Client on Windows based operating systems.

1. Download the FAUbox installer

Download the Windows Installer for FAUbox from our website.

(Info) Users of an in-house / on-premise installation (e.g when your organization is running their own FAUbox Server) you may download it from the front page of the server or when logged in with your account in the web interface via the Download Client tab/link.

2. Run the FAUbox installer

  1. Choose the Windows installation program and click on it.
  2. Accept the prompt about user control and select Yes.

3. Follow the setup instructions

Click on the pictures to show them in their full size.

  1. Accept the license agreement and click on I Agree.
    Installing on windows 1
  2. Choose automatic installation and confirm by selecting Next.
    installing on windows 2
  3. Watch the progress.
    installing on windows 3
  4. To finish the installation process you need to reboot you computer. Therefore select Reboot now and click on Finish.
    Installing on windows 4

(Info)Please note: If you intend to run the client under a different account name, than the one used for installing the client (e.g. administrator account) please follow these instructions after the installation. 

  1. After installing the FAUbox, choose manually restart later, and then click on finish.
  2. Log in with the account with which you plan on using the FAUbox client later. Open the Properties windows by right clicking the FAUbox Desktop Shortcut.
  3. Click on Security, and then click on edit:
  4. You will now be asked to provide administration credentials in order to edit these settings. Enter the administrator credentials and click on OK.
  5. Click on Add:
  6. Enter the name of the non-admin account, with which you plan on using the FAUbox client:
  7. Click on Ok to confirm the changes.

4. Start the FAUbox

PF_Grünes HäkchenThe installation progress is finished. If the FAUbox didn’t start automatically you can use the Start Menu or your desktop to open the client. Use your IdM user name and your password to login.

FAUbox_En_Activating a desktop client 1 Installing on windows 5



PF_Daumen hoch


Our Quickstart Guide will help you setting up folders and invite other people to them.

If the serve is set to (picture on the left) by a current software problem please correct the setting and fill in (picture at the right) in the box for the address and press OK.