Accepting/ Declining a Folder Invitation

Whenever you are invited to a folder by a FAUbox user, you will receive:

1. The following mail informing you about the invitation:

By clicking on the link shown in the mail, you will be redirected to the FAUbox webinterface and after logging into your account you can either accept or decline the invitation.


2. An invitation via FAUbox-Webinterface:

You can either accept or decline the invitation by clicking the arrow-sign and choosing accept or decline.

2.1 By clicking on decline the invitation will disappear.

2.2 By clicking on accept, you will join the folder as a new member (you can look up your permission on the Permissions-column):


3. An invitation via FAUbox-Client:

3.1 By clicking Ignore the notification will disappear. (The invitation will not be declined by this.)

3.2 By clicking Display the following window will open:

3.2.1 If you click on Cancel, the notification will disappear without you declining the invitation.

3.2.2 If you want to accept the invitation, click Next.

Click Next once again.

Done! You are a folder member now. In order to open the folder to see its content, click Explore. If you want to close the notification click Finish.


Please note!
You can accept invitations via webinterface and client but you can only decline invitations in the webinterface.