How-to articles

How do I sign in? 

Via Desktop-Client:

  1. Wait until the client connects to the server and asks you to log in.
  2. Choose your institution. If you were invited to the FAUbox as an external person, please choose “Guests”.
  3. Internal users must log in with their IdM username & password. External users must use the username they were provided in the invitation e-mail in combination with the password they set up upon receiving the invitation (you can find a more detailed guide for external users here).

Via Web-Cloud:

  1. Enter the following address in your web browser:
  2. Choose your institution. If you have been invited to the FAUbox as an external user, please choose “Guests”.
  3. Internal users will now be redirected to the SSO-log-in. Enter your IdM-Access login details to log in to the FAUbox. External users must enter their login credentials on the initial webpage after choosing “Guests”.
How can I restore deleted files?

There are two possibilities to restore deleted files:

  1. Either by using the desktop client: please read Restoring file versions.
  2. Or the web portal: please read Restoring deleted files.
How can I share my FAUbox files with external persons?

There are two ways to give external persons access to your FAUbox files:

  1. You can create links to your files and folders and send them to external persons via e-mail, chat programs, etc. (Guide)
  2. You can invite external persons to the FAUbox and directly share your folders with them. (Guide)
The person I invited to one of my folders cannot see the folder. What can I do?

There are two possible reasons for the invited person not being able to see your folder: either you entered his name/e-mail address/username incorrectly or you did not click on the suggested entry in the drop-down list during the invitation process. Please make sure to click on the entry in the list of suggestions, which should appear after typing a few characters! If the invited person is still unable to see your folder, please contact the FAUbox-Support-Team.

I was invited to the FAUbox as an external person. How do I set a password and how do I log in?
  1. Click on “Set your password now” in the invitation e-mail.
  2. You will be notified that a new e-mail has been sent to you.  In the new e-mail, click on “Set your password here”.
  3. Set a password. Your password needs to meet the following criteria: at least 8 characters; at least one uppercase letter; at least one lowercase letter; at least one number; at least one special character.
  4. Click on “Set new password now”.
  5. You can now sign in. Select the option “Guests” at Institution. Your username is the email address you used to be invited to FAUbox. Your password is the FAUbox password you have just set.