Support for congresses

FAU employees can get their own FAUbox-client for a congress on request to the FAUbox-Support-Team. This client will be deleted automatically at the end of the congress. You do not have to pay for this client unless you need more than the standard storage space. The storage space is calculated according to the normal RRZE conditions.

The software currently allows the admin to use the auto-complete function when entering the usernames in the web portal. Please note that this function is limited to the congress only.

The client has 50 GB of storage space. As this is the standardized quota of the admin, it is not possible to receive more bytes. Please adhere to the rule that the admin is not allowed to share his quota. Otherwise, it would be a violation against the license rights policy which would then lead to the deletion of all accounts and data.

Please contact us in case of uncertainty whether something is permissible or not. The admin is authorized to enter a number of accounts for external persons (persons that do not have a username in the IdM of the FAU) we have agreed on. The number can be increased if necessary. Internal accounts can use the client in other ways. Please enter the external persons in the following way:

  • username/e-mail: <official e-mail-address, no private one>
  • password: <choose whatever you want, you have to inform the user that needs to change his password immediately>
  • name: <please enter the full name (first- and surname), no nicknames or short forms; no titles or professional designations are entered here>
  • telephone: <not necessary>
  • the organization should be prescribed
  • size: <0>
  • valid from: <day of entry>
  • valid to: <end of the congress>
  • permissions: <choose whatever you want>

The admin can enter any number of admins. Please select them with caution as any admin can throw you out.
Do not forget to save your entry.

The FAUbox support team creates a folder with the name of the congress under the account of the petitioner. Further, the FAUbox support team creates a group with the name of the congress for the assignment of permissions. You should use the folder for everything that is connected to the congress. The group enables an easier assignment of permissions. You cannot give different permissions to subfolders than you gave to the main folder. If you need any folders with different permissions, please name them according to the following system: <name of the main folder>_<something short> as for example: Congress_Webcongress_2017_AdvisoryBoard, if the congress is called Congress‚Webcongress_2017‘.
Please note the path length limit of the operating systems. The main folder always has to be recognizable.

You can provide files and folders to internal persons either by adding their accounts to your congress group or by giving them access to the congress folder.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the FAUbox-Support-Team.