FAUbox Account Lifecycle

What is the User Account Lifecycle?

The User Account Lifecycle describes the processes on how to get a FAUbox account, what options are available to maintain an account, and how a FAUbox account is deleted. The User Account Lifecycle is designed to ensure that an authorized person can access the FAUbox with ease – from any device and anytime.

Who is an eligible person?

Eligible is a person either appointed by the own institution or invited to a folder by an authorized user. The former are granted an account with their own storage space (currently 50 GB) while the latter own a guest account without their own quota as they share the quota with the inviter. All students and employees part of the institutions listed here are allowed to make use of the FAUbox. In addition, it is possible to invite international guests for global projects. Accounts with quota are created via federated connection (Single Sign On->SSO), i.e. they log in to their own Identity Provider (IdP) with the access data of their own institution. Guests activate their accounts and log in directly to the FAUbox.

How do I create a FAUbox Account?

For authorized persons, a login at https://faubox.rrze.uni-erlangen.de/login is sufficient. Detailed instructions can be found at: https://www.doku.faubox.rrze.fau.eu/cloud-guide/getting-started/logging-into-the-faubox-webinterface/registration-login-guide-for-internal-users/

For guests, an account is created by invitation. The guest must activate his account. See ”https://www.doku.faubox.rrze.fau.eu/projects-with-external-partners/

How do I maintain my FAUbox account?

It is possible to upload an avatar image, add an additional email address, or set the language. On the following page, you will find help ”https://www.doku.faubox.rrze.fau.eu/cloud-guide/users-guide/”

How is a FAUbox account deleted?

The rules differ according to case. For FAU members, all accounts that were not logged into for a period of 13 months will be deactivated and eventually deleted 13 months after the FAU membership has expired.
Accounts of authorized persons from other institutions and guests are deleted 13 months after the last login.

Before an account is deleted, an email is sent to the concerned user with the request to log in to maintain the account. In case of no response, a warning will be sent after 14 days and in case of renewed passivity, the account is deleted the day after.

Non-activated guest accounts with be deleted after three months without warning.

When an account will be deleted, all own data (right=owner/Eigentümer) will be deleted, too. It’s a task of the owner to transfer the ownership to others, if desired. All data where the account has only read, write or admin access will not be affected.