Known issues

Active errors/bugs:

  • Onlyoffice does not save files with old format
    Onlyoffice has discontinued support for the old file formats (. xls, . doc, . ppt, . . . ). Documents with old formats should be converted to the new format (. xlsx, . docx, . pptx, . . . ) before editing with Onlyoffice.
  • Error message after installing/updating the FAUbox Client while using macOS Catalina
    Apple-Users who are using the operating system macOS Catalina will currently receive the following error message after installing/ updating the FAUbox client:
    You can simply bypass the message by right-hand-clicking on the file and choosing “open”.
  • SSO-User can not use their Quota the first time they log into the FAUbox
    SSO-User will automatically receive 50 Quota once they log into the FAUbox. However, the users are currently not able to use their Quota (to create folders for example) when they log in for the first time. In this case, please log out and log in once again. You should be able to use your Quota once you have logged in for the second time.
  • My client can’t connect to the server when I use a protected network (like ZUV, Medizinnetz, …). Protected networks do not allow usual network connections. Therefore the client has to change to another protocol (HTTP) in order to transfer its encrypted content. Currently, the only connection type allowing this kind of transfer is “Server”. You can change the connection type by opening the client ->preferences ->network ->connections->server

    Furthermore, the FAUbox client should be updated to the newest client-version which is currently version 14.11.100.
  • Mistake by renaming folders
    If you want to rename your folder, the new folder name should not end in a space or some special symbol. Otherwise you will no longer see the files in your renamed folder. If this mistake happened to you, it is enough to remove the forbidden symbol from the folder name to access your data again.
  • Error with invitations
    Occasionally, when invitations are sent via e-mail, two accounts may be set up by mistake and the user may not be able to see the shared folder. The error will be fixed with one of the next versions.
    As the Owner, you can avoid the error by sending the invitation via the web portal and clicking on the corresponding entry in the proposal list after entering the e-mail address.If you are invited, please contact FAUbox Support.
  • The „PowerFolder Outlook Add-In“ does not work for SSO-users at the moment. The error will be fixed with one of the next versions. Workaround: You can send files to external persons by either creating and sending links, or by inviting the external person to the FAUbox.
  • Some users encounter an “unknown error” in OnlyOffice while trying to open .docx-files in the cloud. This is a browser error and has only been associated with Mozilla Firefox until now. You can fix the problem by deleting the browser-cache and restarting Firefox.
  • The client rejects the authentication token. If the server rejects the authentication token and the client does not realize this, it will not be able to connect successfully. If this happens, then:
    1. Close the client.
    2. Delete the data
      Windows: %appdata%\FAUbox\PowerFolder.config
      Linux/Mac: ~/.FAUbox/PowerFolder.config
    3. Restart the client and log in.

Please note that the authentication token has an expiry date and has to be renewed afterwards.


  • Android client crashes on login (Android 9 and 10)
    In this case, please install the newest version of the client. This should solve the problem.
  • Add members to a group (fixed)
    FAUbox users can be added to a group by their FAUbox user ID. Due to a software error, it is currently not possible to invite people to the group via e-mail.
  • Invitations can temporarily not be accepted via mobile clients.
    It is temporarily not possible to accept or decline invitations via mobile clients (no matter whether Android or iOS). The problem is already known to the producer and will be fixed soon.


In case your problem and its solution was not listed above, you may find it in the FAQs.

If the problem remains or you notice something not working as it is supposed to, then please contact us via Do not try to solve this yourself since we have more options and methods to solve problems.