Sharing folders with other users

You can share folders with another user regardless of whether the other person already has an account in the FAUbox or not. Persons who already have an idM-recognition simply have to log into the FAUbox or get invited to a folder through their official university e-mail-adress in order to have an account created for them.

External persons can also be invited to the FAUbox but only as guests. They have limited permissions using the FAUbox and have only access to the folders that are shared with them.

To share a top level folder with an internal user:

1. Choose the folder you want to share and click on the -sign.
2. Type in the official university e-mail-adress in case the person does not have an FAUbox-account yet or his username/ name, if he is already registered in the FAUbox.

Please choose from one of the suggestions showing up after you have typed in a few letters! The suggestion will show up for anyone who already has an account in the FAUbox.


Internal persons (who already have a FAUbox account) can also be invited via to folders but in this case, they will not receive any e-mail informing them about the invitation.  We recommend using one of of the above mentioned methods until the notification system is changed.


If you want to invite multiple people at the same time, you can list their names into the input box. However, now you can only choose one permission for all of them. If you want to give someone a different permission you have to invite him separatly.


3. Choose a permission for the person you want to invite to the folder.

4. Click on the -Sign next to the input box. The user will now be invited to the folder.

5. Click on Close to close the window.

6. The user will now receive an e-mail informing him about the invitation. Once he chose whether to accept or decline your invitation, you will receive an e-mail in return telling you whether your invitation was accepted or not.


To share a top level folder with an external user

You will find an instruction on how to invite an external user to a folder here: Invitation to an external user


If you want to know how to manage the folder permissions of the members, click here: Managing folder permissions