Share folders and files with a group

The FAUbox gives you the possibility to create groups for simplified authorisation management and folder sharing.

To create a group:

  1.  Click this icon  in the upper-right corner and then click My account.
  2. Now appears an overview of your general account data. Click Groups.

  3. Click this icon  to create a group.
  4. A window will appear in which you can/must enter informations about the group:
  5. In the Group tab, you must enter a group name and you can also add a group description.

  6. On the Folders tab, you can add folders that group members have access to. If you want to make an existing folder available to the group, enter the folder name in the input field and select it. However, you can also create a new folder by selecting Create New.

  7. To add a new member to the group, select the Members tab and enter the FAUbox-user Identification of the person you want to add to the group in the input field. Then click on this icon and click Save. The person is now added to the group.

You as the admin of the group can choose which permission the member should receive by clicking and selecting the box next to their name.


To delete a member, you can either select the box next to their name and click Remove, or select and remove their name directly. The latter option is useful if you want to remove multiple members from the group.