Invite external Partners to a project group or to a folder

Employees and students of the FAU and its partner universities can invite external partners to trans-regional Projects within the FAUbox by themselves.  External partners will then be temporarily (2 years) added into the system and blocked after the end of the project. External partners do not get any personal storage-space assigned, but they can upload and/or create folders, files and sub-directories on expenses of the storage-quota of the inviting person.

To invite external Partners to a project group or to a folder:

  1. Select the folder or the group to which you wish to invite the external partner.
  2. Click on the  2014-09-01 13_49_45-PowerFolder Server-symbol of the folder, which you wish to share, or rather on “users” in group interface.
  3. Firstly make sure that the person you wish to invite doesn’t already have an account in the FAUbox. It might be that the given person has already been invited in the context of a different FAUbox-project. Therefore enter the name of the person you wish to invite. If the name doesn’t appear in the drop-down-list, the person doesn’t own a FAUbox account. In this case, simply enter the email address of the external partner. It is important that you use a working email address, since the external partner will receive his FAUbox login credentials through that email address.
  4. Click on Add. The external person will now be added to the FAUbox and will receive an email with the information concerning how to access the folder.
Log-in guide for external users
Extension of project durations

All accounts will be automatically extended for two years with every login. This means that an account never expires in cases of regular use. The expiry dates of internal accounts is however controlled and limited via SSO. External partners will be notified per email shortly before their FAUbox-account expires. If there is however the need for further cooperation within the group, we can extend the external partners access to the project (extend the external account) on request of the inviting person. In this case, please write an email with the request to the FAUbox-Support-Team.

Inviting internal users to trans-regional project-groups

You can give internal users access to the files and orders of the project group by either inviting them to the group, or giving them explicit rights on the folders in the group. When inviting internal users please use either the surname and given name of the internal user(this will only works if the given person has already logged into the FAUbox at least once), or use his/hers university email address( (please do not use private e-mail addresses!). You can find a detailed guide on how to do that here:

Before inviting an internal person using their email address, please make sure that that address already exists, and that it is the official university email address of the person you wish to invite. You will otherwise end up creating a double account without storage space for that person!

If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to call us, or send an email to the FAUbox-Support-Team.