Sharing folders and files

Folders can be shared in two different ways:

  • Sharing folders with other users
  • Sharing folders or files via link

Sharing folders with other users

You can share folders with another user regardless if the other user already has an account on the cloud. To have an account created persons with the IdM service FAUbox just have to log in to FAUbox, or get invited to a folder through their official university e-mail address. On the other side, external users can be invited to use the FAUbox for a limited time. The user can then access the shared folder via the cloud web interface or via a desktop client for synchronizing it.

(Info) Sharing this way only shares whole folders, it’s not possible to share sub-directories of a folder for synchronization.

To share a folder with an internal user:

  1. Click on Folders to view the folder list.
  2. Click the  icon on the folder you want to share.
  3. Type in the|e-mail-address|name of the user or group with which you want to share the folder.
                            Make sure to click on the entry in the list of suggestions, which should appear after typing a few characters!                                                                                                                                                                        If you want to know how to add external partners click here: Invite external persons.
  4. Change Permission according to your liking.
  5. Check the Send invitation option if you want an invitation to be sent.
  6. Proceed with Add.

Working with Groups

With FAUbox, users are able to create Groups for simplified permission management and folder sharing.

On the Groups Interface there are five tabs to add information:

Group Settings Basic information about the Group
Accounts The list of accounts that are member of the Group
Folders The list of folders the members can access via the Group

Group Settings

On the first tab you can specify basic information about the Group:

  • Name
  • Notes

The name should be descriptive for the Group.
Notes can be any additional information you want to add.


On the Accounts tab lists all accounts that are part of the Group.
With a checkbox in every row you can grant an account the permission to administrate the group. That is to add or remove accounts from the Group, to add or remove Folders from the Groups and to alter permission to a Folder.


The Folders tab shows a list of the Folders that are part of the group and can be accessed by all Accounts that are member of the Group.

Sharing folders via link doesn’t require other persons to have a user account. The function will simply create a link, which can be sent via e-mail or copied for posting somewhere else.

To share a folder via link:

  1. Click on Folders to view the folder list. To share just a file or sub-directory located in folder, click on the folder to browse to the file or sub-directory you want to share.
  2. Click on the share icon next to the folder or file.
  3. You will now have been forwarded to the link you generated.
  4. Select More options if you want to set some restrictions like maximum number of downloads or an expiration date.
  5. Click on Copy link to clipboard to get the link itself or click on Share link to directly send it via mail.

sharingfilesandfolders 2

To no longer share a folder via link, please click on the share icon  again and uncheck the Publicly shared check box. This will actually stop the share via link. The link itself will become invalid then.