Sharing folders and files via link

Sharing folders via link doesn’t require from the other person to have a user account. The function will simply create a link, which can be then copied and sent (for example via e-mail) or published somewhere else.


To share a folder via link:

1. Choose the directory you want to share.
2. Click on the -sign.

3. Click on Create Link.

4. A link is created which you can now copy and send (for example via e-mail) to another person.


To publish a folder:

The option make public creates a link which you can copy and send afterwards. In contrast to the previously mentioned link, this one only allows to read the content of the folder and exists until the owner of the folder deletes the link (since it is not possible to set an expiration date).

In order to create this link and to publish the folder, follow the above listed instruction but choose make public instead of create link.

To delete the link, simply click on Remove. The link will be deleted then.


To share a subfolder or a file:

1. Open a  Top Level Folder and click on the -sign next to the subfolder or file you want to share. Click on Create link.

2. A link is created which you can now copy and send (for example via e-mail) to another person.


Furthermore …

You can choose whether the link should only allow the reading of the folder/subfolder/file (
Can read) or to also allow the editing of the folder content and the upload of files and subfolders (Can read, write and upload).

Please note that you have to be careful to share a link that allows uploads into your folder only with trustworthy people! Links that allow uploads without having to fill out a form can be easily used for illegal activities in the wrong hands.

By clicking on the settings, you can also choose an expiration date for the link, the number of allowed downloads and a password to further secure the folder/subfolder/file.

If you want to stop sharing a folder/subfolder/file via link, then you simply have to open the dropdown menu and click on Remove.