Desktop Client Features


  • Automatic and instant change detection
  • Automatic conflict handling
  • File archive to restore previous versions of files
  • File exclusions to prevent individual files from syncing if required
  • Multiple transfer modes to support backup and one-way sync
  • Scheduled synchronization
  • Script execution after download
  • Sync & share files and folders on multiple devices
  • Sync & share using LAN, WAN or VPN from anywhere
  • Web and mobile access


  • Delta Sync– Only synchronize changed parts of files to save network bandwidth
  • Multi-source downloads– Synchronize files from multiple sources at the same time
  • P2P architecture – Synchronize with other devices even without a server connection
  • Proxy Support
  • Relayed transfers– No need to deal with firewall configuration
  • UDT Protocol Support– High-speed transfers

Operating System Support

  • Operating Systems supported: Windows (Server), Mac and Linux (Server)
  • Languages: English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese
  • Explorer integration on Windows
  • Headless client support on Linux
  • System service support on Windows


  • AES encrypted data-exchange / synchronization
  • Flexible permission system
  • Secure client authentication
  • User interface locking support