Data Rights Structure (Who is allowed to do what?)

The basic rule applies:

The permissions are always on the top level folder and all subfolders always inherit the permissions of the top level folder.

Rights Owner Admin Read/write
Delete top level folder
Remove own access to top level folders
Download top level folder
Invite members to the top level folder
Show top-level members
Send/create link to top level folder
Change the owner of the top level folder or cancel an invitation
Remove members with the “Read”, “read/write” or “Admin” permission from the top level folder
Publicly share top level folder
Edit/rename top level folder
Upload files to top level folder
Delete file history
Set the number of versions for the file history
Add invitation to group/folder to group
Change the permission of individual members again and again to “read”, “read/write” or “admin”
Create subfolders
Download subfolders
Rename subfolders
Delete subfolders
Upload files to subfolders
Delete files
Restore files
Send/create link to file
Change link settings
Upload images and view gallery view
Create tabulations
Create presentations
Create text files