Deleting stored files irrevocably

As soon as a file is edited or modified in the FAUbox, the FAUbox saves the old version of this file in different archives on the server and on all connected clients (but not on the local one), so that if necessary, an earlier version can be restored. You can find detailed instructions for this process here.

In addition, the FAUbox also saves all deleted subfolders as well as documents in case they are needed again and should be restored. To find out how to restore subfolders and files, click here.

However, you can also permanently and irrevocably delete these deleted files. You will find detailed instructions in the following text section:

Delete stored files irrevocably

1. Click on Recycle bin on the left menu bar. Here you will find a list of all your deleted files (sorted by the parent folder they were once contained in)
2. Select the top folder where the deleted file/subfolder is located and click on Purge or on the bucket-mop icon.

Please note! It is currently not possible to delete individual files or subfolders. This is because this operation permanently deletes all deleted files contained in the parent folder. The only exception would be if only a single file/subfolder was deleted from this top folder, and you want to delete exactly this file/subfolder irrevocably.


If a Toplevel folder from the recycle bin is deleted, its file archive will be cleared too. This affects those files of the Toplevel folder which are not deleted as well.