Synchronizing folders and files

Please note!

Once the installation of the FAUbox mobile App is finished, a basefolder called “FAUbox” will be created (to be found in Files). Whenever you open a file in the App, the file will also appear in the basefolder and will be included in the synchronization. Furthermore, if you edit the file in this basefolder, the changes will also be shown on the App and therefore also on every other client you are using. If you want to edit files in the FAUbox via the mobile App, you have to do so by editing them in the FAUbox-basefolder! You cannot do so by editing them directly on the mobile App (since this would only create copies of the edited files, which can then be downloaded on you device but not change the files themselves located in the app).

The synchronization of your files and folders will start automatically but you can accelerate the process, if wanted. In order to do so:

1. Click on extension function at the top right corner.
2. Click on Sync now to start the synchronization of your folder and files.