Uploading files in the FAUbox-app


To upload files in the FAUbox:

1. Open the toplevel folder you want to upload files in or create a new one.
2. Click on the plus-sign in the upper right corner.

3. The following option will be offered:

  • New directory
  • Take photo
  • Upload photos or videos
  • Upload files 

4. Select the option you would like.

4.1 New directory: By selecting this option you can create a new directory. Simply enter a name for the directory in the window that will open next and click OK.

4.2 Take photo: If you select this option, the camera of your device will be opened next. You can then take a picture which will be uploaded in toplevel folder in the FAUbox

4.3 Upload photos and videos: After clicking on this option you will be redirected to the photo library of your device. You will then be asked whether to permit the FAUbox accessing your photo library (the access is necessary in order to upload photos and videos from your device to the FAUbox). Afterwards you can choose the photos and videos that you want to upload.

4.4 Upload files: After selecting this option, you will be redirected to the app Files. You can then choose the files you want to upload in the FAUbox.

By opening the app Files you can access data stored in different locations such as in the local storage of your iOS-device, iCloud Drive and other file storage locations you use.