Viewing the folder list

After logging into the webinterface you will see an overview of the folders which have been created by you or shared with you by other people.

Sign Sign Definition
Creates a Top Level Folder
Shows different view modes for folders and their content. (list-, grid- and gallery-mode)
Shares the folder with other users, provides an overview of all folder members and allows you to change their folder permission or delete them as members of the folder.

You can share the folder with other users as a ZIP archive via link, by creating an upload-formular or by sharing the folder with them in the FAUbox. To share and give them access to the folder and its content, simply enter their username or e-mail-adress and select them from the appearing selection.

Folder sign which disappears once you select the folder and changes to .
Symbolizes that the folder is selected and makes a menu offering the options Download, Rename, Delete and Manage appear.


When selecting a Top Level Folder

Once a Top Level Folder is selected, the following menu will appear offering these options:

Sign Sign Definition
By clicking on Download the folder will be downloaded as a ZIP archive.
By clicking on Rename you can set a new name for the folder.
By clicking on Delete and confirming your choice the folder will be deleted.
This option allows you to manage the data archive of the folder. For a more detailed explanation click here.


Please note: If you select two or more folders at the same time, only the options Download and Delete will appear.



When selecting a Top Level Folder you were invited to

Depending on the permission you have, the options showing up when you select a folder you were invited to will be different. If you have the permission read or read and write you can chose between the options Download and Leave

… and if you were chosen to be the admin of the folder, you can Download, Rename, Delete or Manage the folder.