Manage settings of the file archive

The FAUbox saves by default the previous 5 versions of a modified file. However, if necessary, you can change this and define it by yourself.

Change the number of archived versions:

It is possible to set the number of versions to be archived. The specified number of files will apply to all files in the affected parent folder:

  1. Click on the top folder for which you want to change then umber of archived versions.
  2. From the menu bar that appears, select Manage.

  3. A settings window opens where you can enter thenumber of versions to be saved. Specify a number andclick Save.

    Ready! Now the specified number of versions of each file is stored in the top folder.

Bereinigen des Dateiarchivs:

The archived versions take up storage space in the FAUbox. If necessary, however, you can easily clean up the entire archive. If you want to clean up all data in the file archive.

  1. Klicken Sie auf den Oberordner, dessen Archiv Sie bereinigen möchten.
  2. From the menu bar that appears, select Manage.
  3. A settings window opens. Now click Clear file versions to clean up the file archive.
  4. A message will appear informing you that the file-archive has been emptied.

    Ready! Now all saved versions in the top folder have been deleted.

Please note! If you clean the file archive for the entire top-folder, all deleted files that you could have recovered up to that point will be irrevocably deleted.

Invitation to internal user is not sending any notification

We recommend sharing folders with other users by using their official e-mail-adress. This is because persons who are invited to a folder via their FAUbox-username will temporarily not receive any e-mail informing them about the invitation. This applies for all invitations sent from the contextmenu or local client. The problem is already known and the producer is already working on fixing it, so please be patient.