Merging accounts

To avoid situations of having multiple accounts for one user, we at FAUbox implemented a feature to merge two separate accounts to a single account. When merging two already existing accounts, the account (A) which is being merged to account (B) has to be added to the IdM-username of the other account (B). While doing this you will then be required to confirm your validity over those two accounts you are trying to merge, therefore you will be forwarded to log in into your other account (B).


To merge accounts:

  1. Access to FAUbox server web interface.
  2. Log in to account (A).
  3. Access Account in the left side panel.
  4. Edit the email identically to account (B).
  5. A popup window will notify you about the merge process, simply press next.
  6. You will then be forwarded to the log in page where you will need to log in to account (B).
  7. You will now see your merged account, in which all folders, groups and settings are combined.


(Warnung) The account (B) to which an account was merged will adopt the username of the account (A).