Using the Powerfolder Plug-In for Thunderbird

Correctly setting up the Plug-In

1. Click on Settings (gear symbol) and click on Composition afterward. After installing the Powerfolder Plug-In (the guide for this can be found here), you will find a new window by Powerfolder after scrolling down.

2. Click on the PowerFolder-logo to get access to a new window. There, you will have to provide the Server URL, Username, and Token. Here is how to do it:

  •  Server URL:
  • Username:
    • For SSO-Users: <idm-username>@<domain>
      • Possible domains can be:
    • For guests: <email-address> or the FAUbox username
  • Password or Token:
    • For SSO-users:
      • <WebDAV-Token>
    • For guests:
      • <password>

Here are guides to help you get access to the WebDAV-Token for Windows, macOS, iOS or Linux.

When done correctly, a green notification will pop up after you have clicked on Save.


How to use the Plug-In correctly

1. Go to your Inbox and select Write.

2. Click on Attach (paperclip symbol) on the top left corner. Select a large file that you want to upload to your FAUbox. After you have attached the chosen file, a yellow notification will appear on the bottom. Click on File to upload your file to the FAUbox.

3. Uploaded files will be saved in a new folder called Mail Attachments. The folder will be created automatically.