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The Friedrich-Alexander-Universität is an institution under the public law of the University.

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according to §27a Umsatzsteuergesetz the tax ID number is DE 132507686.


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The publisher is responsible solely for the “contents of its own” that are offered for use subject to the laws applicable. These contents have to be differentiated from the links to websites of different publishers. By the use of “external links” the publisher makes it possible to access contents not of its own.

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At first linking with other websites the authors and/or publisher have assessed the content as to the possibility that it might cause any legal obligations. As soon as the publisher has ascertained or is informed by others that a certain linked site does do so, the link to this site will be immediately deleted as far as technical matters allow and as is reasonable.

For illegal, erroneous or incomplete information and especially defects caused by the use or non-use of information of third parties the sole legal liability is with the respective publisher of the linked site.

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The publisher’s webserver is under care of the FAUbox-Team of the Regionales Rechenzentrum Erlangen.
Upon each retrieval of a website or a linked element the following data are saved:

  • address (URL) of the website from which another site is retrieved
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  • transferred amount of data
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The data saved are only used for technical or statistical purposes; a comparison with other data or a circulation among third parties, even in part, does not take place.

After statistical processing of the annual accesses protocol data are deleted. Processing takes part monthly and annually, the deletion takes place in the first month of the following year at the latest. For technical reasons a previous deletion of data is always possible.


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