How to stop the synchronization of a system-folder

If you want to stop the Synchronization of a system-folder follow the instructions below:

  • For the desktop client
    1. Enable the Expert-Mode. (Click of Preferences-> General and make sure the check box is marked for Show advanced options.)
    2. Left-click on the folder you want to delete.
    3. Then select Settings in the panel above.
    4. Click on the Cross -symbol next  to local file history and online file history. Your metadata is deleted now.
    5. Then click on Stop Online Backup and Stop Sync below. Once more your metadata and your file history has been deleted.
    6. Right-click on the folder that turned grey to delete it. Confirm your choice by selecting Leave folder.
      There might be a warning, but this should have no negative effect since we tested this already.
    7. At the end select Delete folder.

Repeat this process on all clients that synchronized that folder.

  • For the web portal
    1. Left-click on the folder you want to delete.
    2. Select the symbol on the top right for Settings.  Settings
    3. At the bottom below File history, select Delete online right next to versions.
    4. Select Folders at the left of the menu of the web portal. Than click on the right cross next to the relevant folder, for example “Documents”, to delete the folder. The problem should be solved now.

Now you can delete all the files on your client you never wanted to synchronize in the first place.