Log-in guide for external users

External users that were invited to the FAUbox as part of a trans-regional Project-Group will receive two automated invitation e-mails:

The first e-mail contains the link to activate your account, while the second e-mail notifies you of the invitation to the respective folder.

To register with FAUbox, you must first activate your FAUbox account using the e-mail “Welcome to FAUbox”:

As soon as you click on “Activate account“, you will be redirected to the following website:

Fill in the fields with the required information, agree to the Termes of Service and click on “Register“.

You will be  redirected to  “” and can log in now. Select the option “Guests” for Institution, your username is the e-mail address used to invite you to the FAUbox and your password is the FAUbox password you have just set.

Please note that the account activation may take up to 12 hours until the server has successfully finished the process! In this case, please be patient and do not try to reset your password since that will not work.


Lastly,  you will be asked to accept the guidelines for the use of information-processing systems belonging to the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in order to be able to use the FAUbox and the IT-Services connected with it:                                                                                                             





Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click on “Accept” to accept the terms and to be able to use the FAUbox.