Mobile Apps Guide

Installing the FAUbox Mobile Apps

The installation is straightforward. Simply access the software store on your device (Play Store for Android devices and Appstore for iOS devices), search for FAUbox and install our mobile app.


Connecting to a Cloud

When starting FAUbox on your mobile device for the first time, you will be directed to the login screen automatically.

1. Enter your organisation, username and password. If you don’t have an account yet, register here.
2. By applying the check mark on Remember password, you will automatically be logged in whenever the FAUbox is started.

If you choose to not Remember password, your Username and Server will be saved for
the next login, but you will be required to enter your password again.

3. Click on Log in.


Inviting someone to a folder

To invite someone to one of your existing folders:

1. Click on the icon next to the folder; you will now see four options to choose from (Download, Invite, Share, Delete).
2. Press on Invite.

A pop-up window will appear, where you can type in the e-mail address of the person you want to invite. Additionally you can select the Permission the invited person should get to your folder. Available permissions are: Read, Read/Write, Admin (allows the person to invite users).


4. Click on Ok.

The invited person will receive an E-mail with further instructions how to access the folder.


Download files, directories or complete folders

To download files, directories or complete folders:

1. If you want to download Files, you can either to that by simply clicking on the file or by clicking on the icon next to the file you want and the on Download. After the download, the file will open automatically.
2. Downloading directories or folders can also be realized by simply clicking on the icon next to the folder, then pressing on Download.

(Info) Content in the folder will be downloaded to your device.

(Haken) On Android systems, you will be asked for the application to open a file with, after the download is completed, depending on if there is more than one application to open a certain file type.

(Info) Please note: After you download something to your device, it will be included in the synchronization. When you start the synchronization, the file will be synchronized to or from the server, depending where it was changed the last time.


Synchronize files, directories or complete folders

Once you have download a file to your device, it will be included in the synchronization.

To start the synchronization, when it’s required:

1. Click on extension function at top right corner.
2. Click on Sync now to synchronize all files you have downloaded or uploaded before.



Upload files

It is also possible to upload files from your device to one of your folders. Once uploaded the files will be included in the synchronization.

To upload files:

1. Browse to the folder/directory where you want to upload the file to.
2. Access the Upload by clicking on extension function in the right top corner.


3. Browse to the directory where the files to be uploaded reside.
4. Click on the file to start the upload.


Upload restrictions on Apple devices

SSO-Users are currently not able to upload files via iOS-devices like iPhones or iPads. We are trying our best to find a solution as fast as possible.