Working with Boxcryptor


1. Working with Boxcryptor via File System

1.1 Encrypting Files using Boxcryptor

Once you have added the FAUbox cloud to Boxycryptor, the software will automatically encrypt every folder and file that is stored in one of its secured folders.
Files on the other hand that already existed in the FAUbox cloud before Boxcryptor was installed must be encrypted manually


1.1.1 To encrypt already existing Files:

1. Open Boxcryptor or the Boxcryptor-drive (X:).
2. Open the FAUbox cloud and select the folder/ file that you want to encrypt via right-click. Afterwards you have to click on Encrypt.

3. Once you have clicked on Encrypt, the following notification will appear asking you to close all files that belong to the folder/files which is going to be encrypted. Close the said files and click OK.

4. As soon as Boxcryptor finished the encryption the following notification will appear. Click OK.

Furthermore the green checkmark that is attached to unsecured files is changed into a lock (sign for enrypted folders/files).


Please note!
When encrypting an existing folder manually, Boxcryptor creates a copy of the folder with the attachment ‘encrypted‘ to avoid  synchronization-issues. Furthermore the content of the folder will also be moved to the newly created copy, while the former will appear empty.
From the on you can work with the new folder as you did before and delete the empty one in order to avoid unnecessary confusion. That’s because the latter will only appear empty until a new file is created in it. As soon as a new file is created, all the data the folder was containing when it was manually secured will reappear (unencrypted). In order to avoid the gathering of unnecessary copies and loosing the overview over secured and unsecured files, we advise to delete the empty folder (once you have manually secured and created an enrypted copy of it) and to work with the secured copy from then on.

5. Done! Your folder/file is now encrypted and every subfolder and file added to this folder will also be secured from now on.


1.1.2 To create new, secured Folders/Files using Boxcryptor:

If you want to create new folders/files (for example if you use Boxcyptor for the first time or haven’t created any folders/files in the FAUbox-cloud yet):

1. Open Boxcryptor or the Boxcryptor-drive (X:).
2. Open the FAUbox cloud located in Boxcyrptor.
3. Right-click without selecting anything and click on Folder (via New).

4. Afterwards, the following window will open. Click on Encrypt (If you don’t want your new folder to be secured click on Not Encrypt).

4. Enter a name for your new folder.

5. Done! Your new folder/file is now created and secured. Every file and subfolder you add to this folder will also be encryted from now on.

It is not necessary to encrypt all existing or newly created folders and files. Boxcryptor offers you the possibility to additionally secure important folders and files by encrypting them while being able to simultaneously work with unencrypted data  as well.


1.1.3 Working with encrypted Data:

As already mentioned above, you can work with encrypted as well as unencryped folders and files after the installation of Boxcryptor. But while you can access unsecured data as usually, you can only open and edit encrypted files via the FAUbox basefolder within the Boxcryptor drive (X:).

Whenever you try to open a secured file via the FAUbox client or Explorer, you will be automatically redirected to the FAUbox basefolder within the Boxcryptor drive (X:). You can open and edit encrypted files only via this folder.


1.2  To share enrypted Folders:

1. Share the encrypted folder via FAUbox.
2. The invited user has to install Boxycryptor and choose the FAUbox as storage location.
3. Afterwards, open the FAUbox folder in the file system.
4. Right-click the encrypted folder and select Manage permissions (via Boxycryptor).

5. Add the user or group you want to share the folder with and confirm the change.

6. Enter the mail address of the user (the one which he uses to log into his Boxcryptor account) who you want to share the folder with.

7. Done! Now you have successfully shared your encrypted folder with another user/group.


2. Working with Boxcryptor via Webinterface

Please note!
In order to access and edit encrypted files via Webinterface (this also includes downloaded folders and files) you have to add another storage location to Boxycryptor. The free of charge edition of Boxcryptor offers only one storage location for free, though, therefore you have to consider upgrading Boxcryptor to a charged version if you want to access secured files via Webinterface.

Apart from that you can work with encrypted toplevel folders, subfolders and files just like you would with unencrypted ones and cut, move, copy, delete and restore them. Only when renaming files you have to remember to leave the attachement “bc” to the name.



If you remove the attachement “bc”then the file will appear as unencrypted and can not be opened or read by any program.

If an encrypted file or subfolder is deleted (by accident or on purpose), you can restore them just like you usually would via Webinterface or FAUbox client. You can also restore earlier versions or change the versioning settings. The only exceptions are toplevel folders, as those (no matter whether encrypted or not) cannot be restored!!!


3. Sharing encrypted Folders and Files with Groups

If an encrypted toplevel folder, subfolder or file is shared with a group, then the group members can work with them just like with unencryted data depending on the permission they have to the folder. In order to open, edit or download encrypted folders and files they also need to install Boxcryptor and register.