Removing folders from the cloud

To remove a folder from the cloud servers via the client:

1. Right-click on the folder which should be removed from the cloud.
2. Click on Stop Sync.

3. Now you have to confirm your choice by clicking on Stop Sync once again.

If you want to delete the local files of the Toplevel Folder as well, you can select Delete local files. If you skip this option, then the synchronization of the folder will be stopped but its local files which were synchronized up to this point will remain (You can delete them via the file system later on, if wanted).


4. The folder will now appear gray in the client. Right-click on the folder again, choose Leave folder and confirm the deletion.

5. Finished! The folder will be removed from the cloud now and you can use the free cloud space for other files and folders.


To disable automatic backup of new folders to the cloud:

1. Click on Preferences in the client.

2. Click on Advanced and disable the Backup new folders to the cloud by default checkbox.