Edit folders and files via the file system

This step-by-step article describes how to use the file system to edit files and folders.

Create folders and files using the file system:

An alternative that we would recommend is to create folders and files using the file system.

In the file system, you can create not only parent folders but also subfolders and files in a relatively simple way.

1. To create a top folder/; a subfolder/; a file, open the FAUbox base folder in your respective file system (e. g. B. in Windows Explorer):

Afterwards you can create folders/ subfolders/files as usual or insert them into the FAUbox basic folder. All files which you create via the filesystem in the FAUbox base folder will then be synchronised by the client and displayed in this folder.

Renaming multiple files with the file system

  1. Start the client. Then click “Explore” in Client
  2. right-click on the folder you want to rename.
  3. Select “Rename”.
  4. Enter the new name, and then press [ENTER].

Copy/cut and delete files and folders with the file system

  1. Start the client.
  2. Then click on “Explore” in Client.
  3. right click on the folder/file you want to copy/cut or delete.
  4. Select “Copy”/”Cut” or “Delete”
  5. Now either open a subfolder and place the file there by clicking on Insert, or use the file path to get to the next higher (top) folder level. Once there, open the desired folder and click on Insert.
  6. If you select the “Delete” option, the selected folder/file is deleted.

All changes are recognised by the client.